Essay On Residential Segregation

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Residential segregation has a big impact on today’s society. It creates a downfall in the equality of many non-whites. While many people chose to live with others of the same race, those neighborhoods may not provide the best opportunities. The problem starts with poor education then unemployment or low income then bad relationships which can lead to criminal activity. Historically, non-whites tend to live in poor neighborhoods in which they have a lot of contact with people involved in criminal activity (Walker, Spohn, & Delone, 2012). These criminals may pressure them into committing criminal acts so they may achieve the coveted “American Dream”. Education is extremely important for one’s future. The type of education one receives decides the type of job they may have. A good education will allow someone to have a well paying job with a nice home which is the “American Dream”. A poor education, however, will force someone to get a low paying job that will not allow them to provide for their family which may drive them to commit crimes so they may provide for their family. Non-white neighborhoods are usually the ones which have very low property taxes. Schools are generally funded by property …show more content…
There are very few that have been able to avoid gangs because they had an income and were able to move out of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, this only made it worse for those who were unable to get out. Those left, either join or suffer the consequences by robbery and beatings. Gangs are able to grow strong in influence and power which has a direct effect on the schools and the residents. Drop-out rates grow and funding for the schools fall which creates a poor quality of education. Many people do not stand a chance against these odds. Residential segregation is horrible for all those involved because it can and will ruin their

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