Dad Vs Dad

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It is an old clash that has been frolicked out for years in families worldwide and will continue to play out for many years to come. In most two parent families’ dad and mom each has their precise character that defines their parenting rules. Dad takes a habit of being messier, unorganized and rough. However, mom tends to gear towards neatness organization and safety. My dad, for instance acts extremely selfish, seldom does he clean up after himself. In fact, the norm has been to just throw his personal items wherever he wants and not care that others have to clean up after him. He would come home from work, throw his coat on the chair and socks on the floor. After a long day of cleaning and scrubbing the house, mom would give my dad that look as if she was frozen in silence. In spite of his in consideration, mom would place dad’s items in the right place. Mom told me stories often about how she grew up. In her adolescent years they would all clean the house flawless. She said they even used to clean behind the stove and the refrigerator. They would spend Saturdays buffing and scouring. My mom always said she wanted friends to be able to show up and the house not be a mess. I say, if company is coming they have no …show more content…
Dads organizations skills were very little. Throwing papers in a drawer are suitable for him. He knew what drawer it was in however, he would have to go through each paper to retrieve it when it is needed again. Just as long as the kids did not suffer because of all of this unorganized mess everything would be just fine, was his concern. Mom always said, “Everything has a place, it keeps organization so you know where it is next time, it is a practice of good housekeeping”. Each item in the house had a proper place from the way our shirts were hung in the closet, down to the spoon in the drawer. Mom ran a tight ship, but the ship knew its direction before it set

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