DVM Personal Statement

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My experiences on our family farm defined my career aspirations at a young age. These aspirations developed further through years of assisting with calf chores, bovine obstetrics, and animal health. I was intrigued by the common challenges faced when raising livestock. One of the issues we endured on our farm was neonatal calf scours. I listened as the family DVM explained different diseases, marveling at his analysis and determination to solve complex issues. I have taken every opportunity to gain more knowledge about veterinary medicine, so I might reach my goal of becoming a DVM. Quality internships, research opportunities, and work experiences have taught me valuable skills and prepared me for the veterinary medicine professional program. During college, I participated in two research projects at the Iowa State Dairy Farm. I was exposed to different aspects of research including data collection, statistical analysis, and research design. My experience with undergraduate research reinforced my verbal and writing skills, enhanced my ability to problem-solve, and strengthened my academic knowledge, all attributes needed in the veterinary profession. Furthermore, as a teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology lab, I improved my communication skills with professors …show more content…
There is often a delicate balance between the needs of the clients and the needs of the patients. Veterinarians need to be advocates for their patients while understanding the desires of the clients. It is essential to establish a strong client/veterinarian relationship because clients look to veterinarians for guidance. I also learned that the unexpected often occurs in the veterinary profession, and a slow day can turn into emergency surgeries along with regularly scheduled appointments. Veterinarians need patience and flexibility to undertake the demands of this

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