Cycling Diets Essay

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The cycling diet is very popular among athletes and with good reason. It helps them maintain muscle while burning fat. The diet cycling diets one of the few diets that focuses on the effect of carbohydrates on our bodies. Most other diets have unfairly laid all our health problems on carbohydrates, which is not true. This major food group is vitally important. Our bodies get energy to carry out any task from the carbs. Other than this, carbs play a primary role in the metabolic processes that lead to either gaining weight or losing weight. An understanding of how these processes work will help in weight loss.
So that we lose weight, our bodies need the right balance between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Proteins are the body building foods. They build muscle and help burning calories. Proteins are complex foods that break down slowly burning more calories as they do so. Carbohydrates are the fuel source. They provide fuel for all our internal processes as well as any activity we undertake. Without carbs, we wouldn’t have
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Your typical week is divided into three types of days: the high car days, low carb days and the no carb days. Another common approach is alternating between the low carb days and high carb days.
In the high carb days, the total amount of carbohydrates you consume will vary with your activity level and size. For instance, someone lifting weights will require a higher amount of carbs than someone who is working in an office. For women, the range will fall between 150-200 grams while for men, up to 300 grams. Ensure that most of these carbs come from healthy sources. You can incorporate a cheat meal, but make sure it falls within your daily carb intake.
The low carb days involves eating lesser amounts of carbohydrates, less than 75 grams. Ensure they come from healthy sources such as roots, cereals, starchy vegetables and such. Avoid dairy and dairy products as well as

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