Analysis Of Moyers Article Against The Grains

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Moyers article Against the Grains compare the low-carb diet with other kinds of diets, and has conclusion that the low-carb diet is the best for people’s health and weight loss. The argument and content of this article meets Kairos, because this article published in a proper time, and a proper place. So, this article is appropriate to the social and cultural environment at that time.
At the beginning of the article, Moyer gives her weight losing experience. She was puzzled by her weight, but she was only one of millions of American who were troubled by their obesity. As a science and health journalist, Moyer should know the state of obesity in the United States than anyone else. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports the incredible
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As a result, the government have to increase medical cost of obesity. This digital information was reported two years before Moyer published the article, and people who have obesity in America have been constantly increasing in the last decade. Also, medical costs related with obesity raised from 6.5% to 9.2% between 1998 to 2006 (Ward-Smith). Therefore, this article published in a right time. Since obesity issue became extremely serious, Moyer decided to find out the solution from a dietary way. That is why she did so many researches, and wrote down the article about the healthiest diet. She wanted her article help obese people lose their weight, and save cost on cure for obesity for the government. Beside the right moment, this article also published in a right place. Because fast food is a symbol of American food culture, the rate of obesity in America is much higher than most of other countries. The percent of people who are obese in China is only 2.9%, while the one in the United States is 33.9% (ProCon Organization). So, if this article published in China or other low obese countries, it will be not appropriate as being published in the United States. In a word, this article is appropriate and timely because of the right moment and the right

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