Essay about Cyberbullying Is The Most Cowardly Of All

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Bullying in today’s society has unfortunately become all too familiar. One way that people resort to bullying each other is through social media and the internet, this popular type of bullying is referred to as cyberbullying. In my 9th grade of high school back in 2010, a social media service called form spring appeared. Form spring allowed people to write anonymous comments on each person’s account. The comments that would be posted were cringe-worthy. They ranged from negative comments on personal appearance such as “You’re a fat slob”, to as far as telling people to kill themselves. All comments were anonymous, so the account holder never had any idea of who was behind each comment. Though all bullying is cowardly, cyberbullying is the most cowardly of all. Cyberbullying gives the bully the chance to hide behind a computer screen as a source of protection as they bash and upset another person. It can range from posting anonymous comments about a person, harassing a person via instant messaging and social media accounts, or encouraging someone to end their life over the internet. Over time, cyberbullying has only gotten worse and is especially concerning in today’s society.
In July 2015, a 13 year old from Michigan named Zoe Johnson killed herself as a result of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can affect anyone of any age, even a girl who had just completed the seventh grade. Zoe’s mother, Rebecca Abbott, informed FOX 17, “Toward the end of the school year the taunting…

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