Essay on Cyberbullying Is A Waste Of Time

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Since social networks have taken our society by storm, concerned helicopter moms have been panicking at the thought of their precious son or daughter being bullied online. These overprotective mothers decry social networks and say the internet should be held responsible because someone got their feelings hurt. They often link to articles claiming someone killed themselves because they were cyberbullied (which is usually incorrect), and demand that these teenagers, who have committed some perceived offense, be arrested. The way we treat bullying is totally wrong, and all the emphasis we put on cyberbullying is a waste of time.

Before you link me to some story on some news website, allow me to elaborate. There is a reason why I hate the hysteria concerning the topic of cyberbullying, it 's that I was bullied myself as a child. In all honesty, I just hate the word "bullying", because some people act as if straight up disliking a person is bullying and you should go to prison for it. When someone cries "I 'M BEING BULLIED!" everyone looks at the victim first, while not considering that maybe the perpetrator might have some problems as well, in fact, the "victim" might be causing them.

It is said that a common reason people may bully is that the bully themselves is having problems in their lives, that may be family issues, school troubles, social rejection, loneliness, inept social skills, or a variety of other issues. If we all know this, why aren 't we doing anything about…

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