Essay on Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress And Anxiety Analysis

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Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress and Anxiety Analysis
The article “Cyberbullying Creates Dangerous Stress and Anxiety” written by Sameer Hinduja expresses an extraordinary perception of cyber bullying and all the results that may come with cyberbullying. Throughout the article Hinduja discusses the effects of cyberbullying, the rates and results of cyberbullying, the roles schools have on schools, and also the differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying.
One issue about cyberbullying Hinduja discusses is the effects of cyberbullying. Hinduja had reports from many students and also has had a student respond with the statement “it scares me and takes away all my confidence.” Hinduja continues with the negative effects of cyberbullying such as students committing suicide or having thoughts of self-harm. Research that has been pulled from the studies on cyberbullying revealed those who are bullied online have family issues, problem with self-esteem, academic difficulties, and may also show various delinquent behaviors.
Sameer Hinduja follows on with the subject of cyberbullying by discussing the past results of cyberbullying in the year of 2014. Cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly makes fun of another person online, picks on another person through email or text, or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t agree with. Ten thousand students whose ages range from eleven to eight-teen years old were selected to be…

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