Cyberbullying : Bullying And Its Effects Essay

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Cyber bullying was defined as “when someone repeatedly makes fun of another person, online, or picks on another person through e-mail or text message, or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like”(Hinduja, S., & Patchin, J. W., 2011). Cyberbullying is bullying “using contact in an electronic medium, continuously and relentlessly against someone who cannot stand up for himself or herself easily” (Davison, C. B., &Stein, C. H., 2014). Bullying has been happening for a long time, however in today’s era it’s more about cyberbullying even though there no physical damage, it can lead to seriously dangerous consequence like driving teens or adults into bullying others, having depression, or sadly commit suicide. Although there many ideas to help stop cyberbullying, like standing up and helping others, promoting kind internet behaviors or just having a school talk about cyberbullying.
There are numerous tools now, to be able to help with bullying, students are able to stand up and assist others by reporting the problem. Saw that “the U.S. department of health and human services provides the website with a special section dedicated to cyberbullying prevention and reporting” (Davison, C.B., &Stein, C.H., 2014). By having the website students able to report the bullying and get help to stop cyberbullying before any severe problems are made that may lead to dangerous consequences. In addition, since “student are often reluctant to…

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