Cyber Harassment And Online Harassment Essay

1359 Words May 6th, 2015 null Page
. About 5% of teens worldwide have said that they have been cyber bullying by someone and it has harmed them, but do not let that get to them to the point where committing suicide is what others think. Cyber harassment also makes enough harm to where the individual does not want to attend school anymore and feels like they are left alone when seen by many people that know what is happening and are helping the bully. Cyber harassment is not just one main way to harass a person online, in other words, cyber harassment has five different types of harassment within it. Each common type leads to the same amount of harm done to the person whom it is being directed to.
The five different types of cyber harassment vary from online harassment, digital pile on, outing, victim blaming, and trolling/masterating. Both cyber harassment and online harassment can be something similar, but online harassment does have a slight of a change in its meaning. Online harassment is when a person receives hateful, or even threatening messages repeatedly online by someone they might know or may not know. Digital pile on is when a person is involved with other people online who made a rude comment on someone that they may or may not know. An example for digital pile on is what is happening at Madera High, when a student was elected for ASB President and won, but the seniors do not agree with her being the one who won. Since it all began on twitter more and more people retweeted and agreed with what one…

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