Customer Service Training Program For Osgood Brewing Essay example

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To ensure the highest quality of products and customer service, Osgood Brewing should allow me to do an analysis on the current working conditions and the customer base. The information found will contribute to a customer service training program that will allow the business to be more successful.

Purpose and Scope
Osgood Brewing, a new business in the Grandville, Michigan area, has seen a decrease in customer return rate and sales over the last two years due to a lack of customer service skills from all employees and the lack of a discipline program with management. The purpose of this research is to decided what information needs to be included in the training program for Osgood Brewing.

This report will cover the following topics: Knowledge of the clientele, reaction times of management, management training, front of house training, back of house training, increasing sales, and important marketing techniques.

The recommendations provided are based on the assumption that all employees of Osgood Brewing will fully participate in the training programs and that the management team familiarizes themselves with the materials. I am also assuming that Osgood Brewing will continue to create the same level of quality craft beer, for marketing reasons.

The information found in this report is obtained from various business websites, related articles and journals, and information from other local breweries. The best information found…

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