Customer Service Friendly As A Smile On Our Face At All Times

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Working at QuickieMart, we’re told that we should treat every customer with respect and have a smile on our face at all times. We have certain things we must say to every customer that walks through the door. You may think that the employee that rang you up is actually appreciative of you visiting the store and giving them business, but chances are you’ve been being judged since the moment you walked through the door. They may smile and say that they hope the rest of your day goes well, but employees at QuickieMart aren’t exactly as customer service friendly as they may seem. In my experience at QuickieMart, several employees are extremely judgmental when it comes to customers weight. Many of them refer to customers as “fat ass” and other hateful names. Many customers come to the store at night to buy donuts when they’re half off, and some employees try to guess how many the person will buy just by looking at them. The bigger you are, the more donuts they guess you will buy. It doesn’t stop with customer, though, many fellow employees are often discussed as well and are ridiculed for their weight and size. One employee made a joke that another female employee shouldn’t be allowed behind the checkstand because she took up too much space. Employees at QuickieMart are also very racist when no opposing races are present. I was working at a store in Dallas with three other white employees when one of them decided to say, “Black people should never be behind the register because…

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