Essay Customer Service For Reverse Logistics Management

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Companies has increasingly improve their customer service in their reverse logistics management. More importantly, consumers just want their voice heard and someone to actually do something about their complaints. Truly, customer service in reverse logistic has meet or exceed customer expectations. A company goal is to use customer service to keep consumers gratified with their products, before, during, and after the first delivery. Furthermore, these characteristics of good customer service in reverse logistic consist of agile adaptability, inventory management, cycle times, and cost of returns items. Companies such as McDonald handles a complaint in my different ways. For example, a consumer may call or send in a letter to give feedback on things such as incorrect food order, rude drive-thru employees, food poisoning, and menu changes through many of consumer training.

One of the characteristic that defines customer service in reverse logistic management is agile adaptability. Agile adaptability is the process on how fast an organization can respond to demands of the customer. For example, return policies one of the ways that companies meets the demands of the customers, thus ultimately reduce product and part returns.

Inventory management in reverse logistic is another essential characteristic in customer service. Inventory is to have the ability to manage both cost and the availability of inventories effectively (Robinson, 2014). Usually a company that has good…

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