Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Essay

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Regarding (Morgan and Heeks, 2014), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of social-technical information system that keeps customers connections with the firm and all information which related to processes such as sales, marketing and customer services. In classification information systems by business functionalities, CRM systems belongs to Sales and Marketing Information Systems which provide clients identification for product and services of the company, support sales and promotion and carry out marketing activities, and Service Delivery Information Systems by what company satisfies service requirements of the customers (Laudon and Laudon, 2007). Porter (1985) says that in world economy companies take advantage if they try to be innovative and look for new advantage. If we transform these words to nowadays, customer relationship management represents main source of development. As a useful customer support technology, CRM system means new approach to make interrelations with customers. To consider CRM system as a product is simplification approach to CRM systems. “CRM is a discipline, a framework, an integrated approach to managing approach with customers...” (Knox et al., 2003). There are several models to analyze CRM systems, maybe the eight building blocks of Gartner’s CRM model is interesting and generally accepted model because of including all aspects of success.
All processes involve to customer interaction with company are considered as data…

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