Customer Support Initiative Case Study

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This year, GSP2P will launch a new customer support initiative, CEI, to better support our girl and adult members. CEI will streamline the process to register for Girl Scouting and, ultimately, for programs, trainings and events, and will provide resources for troop management. The three phases of our CEI implementation taking place over the next year are: 1) membership registration, 2) Volunteer Toolkit, and 3) program registration.

1. What is CEI?
CEI, which stands for Customer Engagement Initiative, is the umbrella term for a set of online tools developed by GSUSA in collaboration with technology leaders such as Adobe and Salesforce. The impetus for this major strategic investment was to improve the adult (parent, volunteer, member) administrative
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Will I have to re-input all my troop information in the new database?
Our staff will have already migrated all of the member data from our old database. You will only need to make changes if and when your troop membership changes.

7. Will volunteers be trained on the new system? When and how?
Yes, we will provide initial training to volunteers via webinars, documents on our website, and in-person workshops. We will offer ongoing coaching and support through our customer care and volunteer support teams. We will also update our current training to incorporate the Volunteer Toolkit.

8. What is the Volunteer Toolkit?
The Volunteer Toolkit is an online resource for our troop volunteers. Specifically, the Toolkit is designed to support volunteers as they work with girls in troops by providing tools for planning troop meetings by level throughout the year, customizing your troop year plan, and communicating with girls’ families, among many varied functions. To see what the Toolkit will include, visit GSUSA’s Volunteer Toolkit Tutorials. Troop volunteers will be able to access the Toolkit, through their “My GS” login

9. When does the Volunteer Toolkit launch?
The Volunteer Toolkit will be released in the Spring of 2017. We will communicate the launch date once GSUSA has scheduled

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