Essay on Curriculum Development And Education Process

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Curriculum development in nursing education is a creative complex, dynamic, ongoing process to produce an evidence informed relevant contents with unified curriculum with a purpose to create a learning experience to produce professionally qualified graduates (Ashraf, 2013). Process involves logical, imaginative thinking, careful analysis, convincing arguments, precise writing, creativeness, openness to new ideas and jeopardies. The development process can be influenced by personal values, judgement, philosophies of the development teams as well based on the fundamental principles of fit the level of students enrolled the program .Curriculum development have philosophical, psychological, social and economic basis. Each curriculum is a platform to make our students the best possible nurses and prepare them to become the best health care leaders in the nursing profession (Woods, 2016).
Thesis Purpose
In a highly dynamic society, curriculum developer’s process is more complex and curriculum should reflect the society changes. In a responsive curriculum development and education process it is necessary to reflect on the current societal issues. Though society 's problems faced by curriculum development have broadened the cultural and philosophical dilemma they have indirect and powerful relevance to curriculum development (Ashraf, 2013). The curriculum development can be influenced by external and internal factors. The author of this paper selected health care changes and…

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