Curriculum Based Measurement In Math Cm Analysis

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The Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) in Mathematics (Curriculum Based Measurement ( CBM ) is a method teachers use to find out how students are progressing in basic academic areas such as math, reading, writing, and spelling ).this math ( CBM ) was administered to 3 students who receive special education services in an inclusive classroom. All 3 students are in fourth grade and between the ages of 9 and 10 years of age. This CBM is being used to assess and monitor the students’ progress over a three day period of time in the addition, subtraction, and multiplication. This test is being use to pre-assess student readiness before the Division unit begins in the general education classroom next week. The result will then be analysis to determine what areas need to be addressed and pre-taught before the unit starts. This will help the students to get the extra practice and guidance as to continue to be able to be in the mainstream with the other students. …show more content…
So, when I say begins, please turn your papers over and complete the test as best as you can. Are there any questions before we begin the test? When the 2 minutes was up, the students stopped working and I collected the assessments. I counted the number of correct/incorrect answers and graphed them below. “When the graphed scores are below the aim line for three or more times, intervention should be revised. Likewise, when steady progress is charged with recordings consistently above the aim line, the goal line should be adjusted upward” (Spinelli, p.317).
1. 89+ 4 =___ 2. 30+25=___ 3. 1 4+5=___

4. 12+16 =___ 5. 13+7=____

Subtraction: 6. 9-2=___ 7. 13-8=___ 8. 21-4=___

9. 15-7=___

Multiplication: 10. 2 x 7=___ 11. 2 x 5=___ 12. 3 x 8=___

13. 3 x 2=___ 14. 8 x 3=___ 15. 9 x

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