Essay on Current Modes Of Energy Production

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First, (Comma Required) we will identify current modes of energy production and consumption within varying states in the US. We will then look at the cost of renewable energy sources and the cost of natural resources and analyze the trends and patterns. The next step is observing what the primary energy sources are in certain states along the west coast, mid-west, (Comma Required; Hyphen not required) and east coast and if it would be cost effective to switch to another means of energy production in that state based on the data. This will be affected by state and federal government incentive programs which will also be analyzed for comprehensiveness. *Note: Federal and state data gathered from U.S. Energy Information Administration unless otherwise annotated.

III. Current US Energy Sources
A. Primary source of energy generation on the West Coast.
Information for the West Coast is based off (on) the states Hawaii (HI), Alaska (AK), Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), California (CA), Nevada (NV), and Arizona (AZ). West Coast electric power plants produced 13% of U.S. power generated in 2014. The West Coast also recorded the highest levels of renewable energy electricity in the continental U.S. within that 13% production. Renewable resources produced 41% of electricity generated on the West Coast (U.S. Department of Energy, 2014). This was split between 31% Hydro-electric (Did you mean “hydroelectric”) sources and 10% other renewable sources. The next highest producing source was…

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