Essay about Curfew Law Is Not A State Wide Law

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I believe that the daytime curfew and the nighttime curfew laws in our city of Los Angeles are not well enforced. It appears to me that both of these variations of local laws are not as effective as they were intended to be. It is possible that some reasons that they are ineffective are in part because of not enough law enforcement in the area, and also the inconsistency of the law statewide. The curfew law is not a state-wide law, thus, I believe that this makes the enforcement of these two laws in one city and not in the other, a lot more difficult to maintain.
In the case of the daytime curfew law, I have several family members who attend middle schools and high schools in the city of Los Angeles. Numerous times I have been told of how they have seen many students year-round jump the fence and leave the school to hang out with their friends, go eat, go to a park, the movies, etc. In other words, it appears to middle school and high school kids, that the fine of “ditching” is more likely to be paid by their parents, thus, they do not think twice about the consequences of leaving the school early without permission.
I believe a way to improve the daytime curfew law is to have the minors do a lot of hours of community service, and to be able to pay the tickets themselves and make sure the parents do not assist them financially. This could be done through community services establishments, which are already in motion in our city, along with an addition of part-time jobs for…

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