Culture And Technology's Impact On Business

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Culture and technology play an integral role in various aspects of the business sector. Facets like recruitment, job satisfaction and turnover are all affected by the culture of society/organization and the advancements and use of technology. There are both positive and negative effects that result based on the type of culture in an organization that not only influences employees but also the success of the business. Advances in technology have created some positive outcomes like cost-efficient and effective methods in the operation of a business but also generated some potential negatives effects.
The culture of society is ever-changing and businesses need to take this into consideration in order to ensure success. The current mentality
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This decrease in job satisfaction can lead to employees turning to competitors, which may increase a company’s turn over rate.
In many ways the culture of society influences the culture of an organization. Corporate culture has been defined as “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company 's employees and management interact” (Investopedia, 2010). The culture of a specific organization is seen through many features of its operations like treatment of employees, employee benefits, corporate decisions, etc. A business that retains a good corporate culture is one that rewards employees for good behavior instead focusing on only negative behavior, includes lower positioned employees in decision making and other forms of participation, etc. “Corporate culture develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires” (Investopedia, 2010). With this said, the recruitment process becomes a vital part of a business, as its employees will eventually contribute to its overall culture. In addition, the culture of the company also attracts different applicants. If a reputation of a bad culture exists at a company, individuals are not going to seek employment there. The culture of a company
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For example, applicant tracking systems have been utilized to scan applications and search for matches ultimately speeding up the hiring decision, but this efficiency results in a failure to look at an individual applications and in a way makes them just a number (Reilly, n.d.). Technology can also create a negative employee experience, which can affect job satisfaction. For example, if the majority of communication is conducted through email and other non-personal modalities, relationships throughout the company may be hindered. This type of communication is also more prone to misinterpretations. Although this modality is convenient, if used excessively it can lead to little to no peer-to-peer interaction. Technology has also led to a higher availability of information. There are existing websites that contain salary information, employee reviews and other statistics about a company and its competitors. Although this advancement provides much benefit to employees, it can lead to a high turn over rate if companies do not stay

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