Culture And Climate : A Transformational Leader 's Guide Essay

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Culture and Climate – A Transformational Leader’s Guide to Generational Differences

A company’s soul is its personality, its culture, and the values by which it stands; derived from a company’s core beliefs, this intangible asset determines the effectiveness of strategies and the ability to achieve authenticity. Culture consists of group norms of behavior and the underlying shared values that help keep those norms in place; Climate refers to the psychological environment reflected in attitudes and perceptions formed by employees. To ignite employees’ motivation and sense of ownership, leaders must understand and create a positive infrastructure, provide consistent feedback, reward desired behavior, and implement mentorship to reap the advantages of a positive organizational climate. Many cultural values are difficult to address such as rules for social interactions, decision-making processes, concept of justice (values and fairness), and patterns of superior and subordinate roles in relation to status by age, gender, class, and position. With such a diverse workforce including multiple generations and different ethnic groups, a one-size-fits-all management approach is improbable to achieve success in today’s workplace. A transformational leadership-training program can facilitate organizational change, develop exemplary followers, and enhance overall job satisfaction.

First, we must examine the current company infrastructure with the understanding that…

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