Cultural Transition In American Culture

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Every culture has its specific traditions associated with transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Various cultures sometimes share similar traditions like marriage and the importance of growing facial hair to show that you are becoming an adult. However, some things are unique to certain cultures. As the son of Jamaican immigrant parents, I have a specific cultural transition that not everyone experiences. Also, since my parents are heavily involved in Christian ministry, some of my traditions are distinctive. My favorite mark of transition does not come from my Jamaican culture, but from my church culture. That pivotal moment began when my father walked into my room, while I was listening to Mali Music, and told me that he wanted me to prepare a sermon for the next Youth Sunday. This completely …show more content…
I decided not to tell anyone that I was going to be bringing the word that Sunday since I was nervous already. The only people that knew were my parents and the assistant pastor of the church. As it drew nearer to the time my father would call me up, I began to feel very nervous, but I knew I couldn't back out of it now. I had to fulfill my assignment. Then my father began to introduce me as the speaker, and I decided to put my nerves to the side. I picked up my Bible and my notes and began to walk from my usual seat at the keyboard to the pulpit. As I took the microphone from my father and began to greet the congregation, I felt my anxiety begin to dissipate. I saw the excitement on everyone's face and I knew I would be able to complete my job that day. Preaching proved to be a difficult assignment. However, I found that the more I spoke, the more confident I was in my ability to complete the task at hand. That first sermon taught me that my transitions in life will not be easy, I will be leaving comfortable zones and entering uncomfortable zones. However if I keep going forward, I'll be able to level

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