Cultural Theories And Challenges In International Business And Trading

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International business and trading is an activity that is comprised of all those commercial transactions which take place in two or more regions, two or more countries or nations that are beyond their political boundaries. In this line, it means, that international business cuts across different cultural differences in different nations, different governmental regulations and diverse application of labor rules. Introducing a new product at the international market will not go well without proper environmental scanning. The environment has to be analyzed very well to see the competitors and industrial analysis. Entering the global business will also be subject to stiff competition since there will be already established companies.
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The theories will include global strategic theory and Porter’s National Competitive Advantage Theory. The Uspower business will encounter a global competition and as a result, it will have to coin competitive advantages. It will entail crafting ways to overcome the barriers to entry in Poland power tool business industry. These barriers include R&D, economies of scale and application of unique business procedures. Through proper analysis of this theory, the firm will seek to gain competitive advantage over the Canadian and the Chinese firms. The Porter’s National Competitive Advantage Theory will help the business in explaining the Poland’s competitive advantage. The theory asserts that competition in a country is based on the ability of the industry to upgrade their products through innovation. The power tools business will thus analyze the local market capabilities, the demand conditions in Poland market and the characteristics of the local …show more content…
The business will start by offering discounts for any customer who buys the product during holidays. The business will also carry out mass advertisement through radio and televisions. Newspapers will also serve as tools for marketing the power tool products. Other tactics will include social selling and product automation. The business will also come up with a tactic of website personalization to make it is for their business information to reach clients. Lastly, the business will use messaging, driven by the behavior of the clients. They will cluster the customers into segments and use messaging to create awareness and receive quick responses from the

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