Essay on Cultural Responsive, Dap, And Children 's Behavior

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Ms. Mundatuchundayil or also referred as Ms. M teaches second grade at St. Vincent de Paul. I have been observing this class for about seven months about every Wednesday. This is a Catholic setting where I had to attend Mass and was allowed to talk about religious views so it’s different than most practicums I hear about in class. From my observations, I hypothesize that Ms. M focuses on cultural responsive, DAP, and children’s behavior in order to manage and organize the classroom. Cultural responsive involves poverty, guidance, and linguistic competence which means interplay of genes, development, culture, and experience that defines common humanness and individual personality (Gartrell, 2014). This ensures that students are receiving the best possible education with high quality instruction and have resources to take home for extra help. Also, students being able to gain knowledge and respect each other views and opinions. For example, show and tell about their culture or having them draw something special and hanging it up for everyone to see.
Developmentally appropriate practice for primary grades supplement and modify for more authentic assessments (Gartrell, 2014). For example, bringing the outside inside the classroom such as plants or different textures. A professional teacher works to maximize children’s engagement in the learning process through centers, body play, cognitive activities, and technology based (Gartrell, 2014). I believe managing and…

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