Essay about Cultural Food Preferences Has Changed The Lifestyle

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In the Asian culture, their diet is consistent with also a high carb intake by eating rice in almost all of their meals. Regions like Central and South America, culturally, they consume rice, flour or corn tortillas which are high in carb. In the United States, many people are on-the-go and most turn to fast food chains for meals. People in the United States are big consumers of bread and high sugary drinks when consumed daily can lead to obesity. Cultural food preference can influence rise in obesity due to lack of healthy food education and affects in a sedentary lifestyle.
In today’s culture, the influence of technology and technical innovations have changed the lifestyle in the United States. In the past decade, technology have replaced many things to create “convenience” for the people. There are many drive-up services, fast food placed, and the most influential for the population to be sedentary are the computers. The computers have replaced people from exploring the outside world and are now glued to exploring everything through the internet. “In recent decades, affluent populations have become increasingly sedentary, with many adults spending 70% or more of their waking hours sitting” (Owen, Sparling, Healy, Dunstan, & Matthews, 2010, p. 1). Children are also affected in the new technical era. There are many children that are technically savvy and will spend most of their playtime hours surfing the internet or playing game consoles. Because of the technical…

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