Essay about Cultural Diversity And Nursing Practice

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Cultural competence and diversity has become one of the most important initiatives in health care in United States. Health care providers have understood the importance of culture and how it affects the healing process in a patient’s health condition (Purnell, 2012, p. 4). Providing excellent care by ignoring the cultural aspect of a patient can jeopardize patient safety and wellness. It has been noted that there is trending rise in minority population in the country. According to the census bureau reports the population in Unites states by 2050 is going to be a combination of every group and there is not going to be any majority group. This in return increases the health care professionals to prepare themselves to take care of a population which is culturally diverse (American association of colleges of nursing, 2015). Healthcare personnel’s must be able to learn about different cultures and formulate ways they can educate patients without interfering with their beliefs. Cultural Diversity and nursing practice
Meeting the health care needs of culturally diverse population has become very complex and challenging (Jeffrey’s, 2016, p. 4). Nurses in the United States are caring for a progressively diverse population. Due to this increasing cultural diversity it is very important to develop a nursing work force that could provide excellent care, increase patient satisfaction and promote wellbeing of this culturally diverse population (Robert…

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