Essay on Cultural Aspects Of The Business Sector

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Culture and technology play an integral role in various aspects of the business sector. Facets like recruitment, job satisfaction and turnover are all affected by the culture of society/organization and the advancements and use of technology. There are both positive and negative effects that result based on the type of culture in an organization that not only influences employees but also the success of the business. Advances in technology have created some positive outcomes like cost-efficient and effective methods in the operation of a business but also generated some potential negatives effects.
The culture of society is ever-changing and businesses need to take this into consideration in order to ensure success. The current mentality of employees comprises of seeking more paid time off, working less hours and obtaining better work schedules. This attitude can affect various aspects of business like recruitment, job satisfaction and turnover. For example, if a majority of individuals possess this view of working less it may be hard to find appropriate applicants in the recruitment process. Once these applicants are employed, their job satisfaction might be effected if they have to work an additional number of hours or at undesirable times. This decrease in job satisfaction can lead to employees turning to competitors, which may increase a company’s turn over rate.
In many ways the culture of society influences the culture of an organization. Corporate culture…

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