Cultural Aspects Of Community Culture In Kenya

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Even though globalization is bringing rapid cultural change in Kenya, there are still various cultural aspects for different communities that are still being preserved till today and in the years to come.
I am from the Kalenjin community and we engage in various activities that still preserve our culture. The first aspect is in regard to our community language. From a young age, children are still being taught our community language as they also learn the other commonly taught languages which are English and Kiswahili. This helps them converse well with members of the community who did not get an opportunity to learn English or Swahili. Our culture’s origin story is well explained to children by our grandparents using our mother tongue. Parents
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These I have learned from our cultural origin story that I was told by my parents and grandparents and I always try and ensure that I live according to the values. Our culture has also helped me shaped my behavior as I have learned from it the taboos and vices that are not accepted. I therefore know my boundaries and I also encourage others to live by the values. In this way I am also helping in preserving my community culture.
Globalization has also led to a huge change in our cultural tradition today. Long ago, when people got sick they were to only seek traditional medicine regardless of whether there was a cure or not. Due to globalization and improved healthcare systems this has greatly changed. Today, when one is sick, we visit the hospital and there is appreciation of modern medicine as it is more effective.
Globalization has also led to equality and developed education systems. Long ago, our culture would teach men how to hunt, lead and become heads of the family and women were taught how to cook, wash, take care of children and become mothers. Due to globalization, there is equality and now both boys and girls have equal opportunities in regard to education and workforce too. This has greatly changed our community’s view of education and the role of men and women

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