Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society Essay

924 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Cultural appropriation has been defined by many as the process of using something from a different culture and making it marketable without taking into consideration the religious and cultural aspects of the thing in question. Unfortunately, a multitude of organizations are guilty of this and it is clear that the perpetrators value money more than the cultures they are taking advantage of. It seems as if it would be difficult for people who work for these businesses to avoid cultural appropriation if it resulted in smaller profit margins . Yet, it is imperative for individuals to both learn about different cultures, and ultimately, to respect their values, traditions, and wear, among other things. Due to these beliefs, if I were to work for a company that that had recently moved to India and wanted to export items such as: statues of Lord Ganesha, tribal paintings of elephants, silver khol containers, large silver nose rings with a chain that runs from the nose the ear, and red and gold brocade sarees, I would do my best to help educate my superior about the importance of some of these thing in Hinduism, and hopefully convince him or her not export certain items. For starters, I would explain who Lord Ganesha is and the role that this deity plays in Hinduism. Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant and is the “remover of obstacles”, along with the god of wisdom and learning. It’s important to note that Ganesha is thought to be “the doorway to the divine. He is the…

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