Cultural Appreciation Or Appropriation? Essay

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Cultural Appreciation or Appropriation?
Aztec pattern sweaters, moccasins, henna tattoos, lip fillers, tiki themed products, do these trends sound familiar? These have become some of the most popular trends over the past ten years, unfortunately they are all forms of cultural appropriation. One of the most popular controversies to face this generation is the point where cultural appreciation becomes cultural appropriation. The definition of cultural appropriation is “the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture” although the definition is loose since it could also be used to define cultural appreciation. Both the fashion and makeup industries are known for exhibiting and promoting constant cultural appropriation, mainly because they are on a constant search for something different. There are also numerous celebrities who don’t address the issue of cultural appropriation and instead glorify the appropriation of other cultures. The line between cultural appropriation and appreciation is admittedly blurred, but cultural appropriation has a distinguishing factor that appreciation lacks: the promotion of a certain culture’s items without truly respecting the culture and the people associated with it.
Kylie Jenner: a trendsetter, a fashion icon, a fashion representative for uniqueness. Miley Cyrus: bold, creative, a trendsetter, a bad influence, the “Queen of Twerking”, “out there”. Katy Perry: cultural, colorful, a trendsetter, a genius. These…

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