Cultural Appropriation Of African American Culture Essay

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In the history of black music, cultural appropriation of African-American music seems to be a recurring issue. “African-American musical sensibilities have profoundly affected mainstream popular culture over the years, appearances to the country notwithstanding.” (Hall 31) There is a complicated relationship between American popular mainstream and African-American culture that is clearly shown in music. There is also something about their melody and rythemns that attract white folks into appropriating their unique art. Despite their musical talents and contributions, “Black faces” were still rejected. Appropriation of black music happened repeatedly throughout history at different times and places. Is this type of act necessarily a bad thing? There are endless examples, …show more content…
These songs initiated a new style of music in the United States that centered on the mockery of African American during the time slavery. It led whites in believing that blacks were naturally lazy and inferior, suppressing them in society. There were so many racisms that hidden within the songs, yet people enjoyed it. I don’t understand how the dehumanization of African Americans could be so socially accepted. People saw something in black men that made them recognize their form of music and culture. Reasons why is because “White America has often become exposed to emerging forms of black music, for example, as part of some more general confrontation of social mores and cultural sensibilities in which the source of these innovations is invariably dehumanized and devalued.” (Hall 34) So even though blacks were considered inferior that time, whites still looked for this type of entertainment. I believe this was the start of the relationship between blacks and whites, along with white’s appropriation of African American form of

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