African Americans In The 20th Century Essay

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During the 20th century and throughout the course of history up until the present day, there have been immense racial injustices inflicted upon African-Americans. After the conclusion of the Civil War, in 1865, African-Americans received their “freedom” however this freedom was short-lived due to the amount of racial tensions that existed in America during the late 19th century and throughout the 20th century. The treatment of this group of people was horrendous and despicable. However, African-Americans sought to make their everyday lives easier by fighting for what they believed in, which was racial equality for all colors of people. Their courageous efforts to demoralize racial inequality were noteworthy. They endured constant abuse and ignorance from other citizens in the United States, but they made the best out of their situation. …show more content…
Ferguson (1896) case. This Supreme-Court decision declared segregation constitutional and said that there could be separate but equal facilities for whites and African-Americans. The legitimization of segregation opened the doors for the Jim Crow Laws in the South. African-Americans were subject to racial injustices in restaurants, public transportation, lodging, and in many more locations. To keep the African-Americans in control, there was an increase in the amount of mob violence against African-Americans. Many were publically lynched so that other African-Americans would be intimated and scared to defy the segregation laws put in place by the Jim Crow laws (Bailey 507). However, the advent of World War I in Europe played a major role in bettering the lives of African-Americans. European immigration to the United States came to a standstill after World War I erupted in Europe. The government issues the Immigration Act of 1917, which greatly reduced the amount of Europeans allowed in the US (USCIS OL). There were requirements that made it necessary for

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