Stages Of A Corporation Life Cycle

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Introduction This paper describes the stages of a corporations life cycle - courtship, infancy, go-go, adolescent, prime, stable, aristocracy, early bureaucracy, bureaucracy, and death while understanding a few of the ways this cycle can be extended. Strategy implementation plays an important role in a company 's life therefore; we consider what questions a strategy maker might consider before beginning implementation process. Then a look at some procedures and approaches a company might use to identify and encourage employees as they take on important roles within the company. Finally, we will address Sigma Six approach and why companies might benefit from this approach.
Stages of a Corporation 's Life Cycle The stages of a corporation
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Also, using a S.W.O.T. Analysis to maintain understanding of the corporations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then making changes to the strategic planning based on the S.W.O.T Analysis can be beneficial to catching issues early in the life cycle which can extend the life cycle according to Valverde, Magalhaes-Fraga, Magalhaes, & Barroso (2015). Strategic awareness, understanding, and flexibility are the foundation for a company as they help eliminate harmful threats, capitalize on strengths, and make sound business decisions where opportunities are …show more content…
For example, Chick Fil A has been working with and for the public for over 65 years and has weathered many culture storms. In the beginning of their corporate life cycle (courtship, infancy, go-go and adolescent) Chick Fil A was surround culturally by close knit families, the blue law (where businesses were not allowed to open on Sundays) and strong religious communities. This made their corporate values and mission very easy to merge with the culture however as culture has changed they have stayed true to their strategy of being a hometown food establishment that works with and for the community. This allows them to stay current with the culture by aligning with the culture that will stick around such as

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