Essay Cuckolding: A Phenomenon of Sexual Evolution

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Natasha Parakh
Human Sexuality
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Cuckolding: A Phenomenon of Sexual Evolution
The word cuckold has its origins in Old French, from the term cucu or cucualt, which refers to the Cuckoo bird. While majority of Cuckoos do raise their own offspring, it has been noticed that a significant number are brood parasites. This implies the female bird would lay her eggs in the nest of other birds whose eggs are similar to the cuckoos. The term ‘cuckold’ came to be used to refer to men whose wives had been unfaithful (‘taking up in someone else’s nest’), as humans we are culturally usually expected to be monogamous, anything else is deemed as counterintuitive. However, many couples now are now exploring alternatives to monogamy (Haag,
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His main focus of these experiences was the humiliation of being cuckolded. Cuckolding for emotional masochism would imply that the energy created when one is ‘in a bind’ is where the cuckold finds arousal. In these situations the women’s sexual satisfaction with the new partner is of paramount importance and could be directly proportional to the humiliation experienced by her original partner. The cuckold desires emotional pain from the humiliation (Cuckold and Mistress, 2008). An exert from a blog written by a cuckold describes this relationship quite clearly:
Cuckold is however an emotional masochist. He craves emotional pain the way most submissives crave physical pain, and it doesn’t really hurt him. It fulfills him and gives him joy. The emotional pain Mistress gives him is intense, often extremely intense, but his mind somehow turns that emotional pain into pleasure. Just as physical masochists crave and seek out physical pain, he craves and seeks out emotional pain (Cuckold and Mistress, 2008).
Cuckolding could have roots in the paradox of the power in the relationship. Culturally, males in the relationship are expected to be more dominant while the females more submissive. Cuckolding relationships are usually defined by a dominant female and a submissive male. The erotic appeal of reversing the power dynamic of a couple could be precisely what draws in the

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