Ctcs As A Diagnostic Tool Thereby Making A Tremendous Impact On Patient Care

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CTCs as a diagnostic tool thereby making a tremendous impact on patient care.
DeNovo’s integrated CTC analysis system consists of two instrument modules: The JETTA™ sample prep system and the VanGuard™ imaging station. The JETTA™ system provides a simple and elegant way to capture, enumerate and perform single cell analysis of CTCs directly from whole blood. The VanGuard™ imaging station then automatically capture the bright field and fluorescence images of cells while its software allows specific analysis and reporting using the instrument. Together these two instruments make high throughput, automatic analysis of CTCs possible. While there are multiple devices that claim to capture and identify CTCs from blood, none barring DeNovo’s system, is capable of analyzing CTCs at the single cell level while automating the entire process with an aim for routine clinical use. There are few innovative aspects of the technology as described below:
At the heart of the JETTA™ technology is a proprietary microfluidic slide that consists of about 56,000 capture chambers that ensures isolation of CTC in its own compartment enabling cellular and genomic analysis to be performed at a single cell level20 (Figure 1). This also ensures that the background white blood cells (WBCs) to become trapped in separate chambers which are identified by CD45. Therefore, the JETTA™ system obviates the WBC background problem by segregating each cell type to its own chamber. The JETTA™ microfluidic slide…

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