Cross Cultural Diversity Proposal Essay example

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Growth is essential for everything in life. Growth represents movement and without movement things become old and out dated. In business, corporations will not and can not survive without growing. With today’s technology and advances it makes no sense for any company, no matter what the size, not to become cross-cultural or global. Going cross-cultural for Superior Widget Corporation is the only next step to take since they are a young company growing vigorously. The growth of the company is the reason why it is necessary to become a cross-cultural company. This is why the training is necessary. This training will be different than any other training that has been given. This is going to be different because becoming a cross …show more content…
Tone and demeanor are important to read since the majority of communication will be over the internet via emails. There will also be text messages and multimedia messages that may have one connotation from the author and when the receiver gets it, the message can have a completely different meaning. A leader in a multicultural team means respecting everyone’s differences and applying them to the project, to become successful. They also must work meticulously so they will not fall into the trap of assuming what motivates people, especially people of other cultures.
From J.R. McGee in Quality Digest, he states these examples of cultural differences: “Professionals from Japan are just as focused on results, but they observe strict formalities in their personal and team interactions, and place a high value on loyalty and teamwork. In Russia, patience is considered to be an extremely important virtue. Russians will deliberately provoke someone in order to judge their patience--and hence, worthiness--as a business or negotiating partner. Often they’ll arrive late to a meeting for the same reason. When working with the Chinese, be sure to have the most important member of your team lead meetings and discussions, because the Chinese place great emphasis on rank and status. When working with businesspeople from Asia, keep in mind that showing proper respect is generally valued above all else.”…“One could easily assume that a Russian team member who displays a hot temper is

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