Multicultural Considerations Case Study

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Multicultural Considerations
There are many things that must be considered when working in the helping profession. A few of the vignettes in chapter 4 have provided issues that may be addressed in the helping profession. These vignettes were challenging situations in which the group had to use the eight steps involved in making a rational ethical decision. As a group we went through the ethical decision-making process which involves the following steps: identifying the problem, define what ethical guideline that was used and what potential issues were involved, review the relevant ethics codes, describe any legal issues, suggested consultation, appropriate course of action, consequences, and what would be the overall best course of action.
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Miguel was a therapist who had obtained his Ph.D. and started his career at the community clinic. The issue that was brought about in the chapter dealt with Miguel not considering all the concepts that he was trained to use in his sessions. These concepts were: directness, assertiveness, and triangulation. A Latino family came to Miguel to solve the issue of the son disrespecting his mother. In the session he asked the mother to directly address the issue of the son’s disrespect, in his attempt to be direct and eliminate triangulation. This made the atmosphere of the session tense. The ethical issues that arrived in this case was that Miguel diminished the role of the father by requesting the mother to be direct with her son. As the therapist, he seemed to be too direct and assertive at an inappropriate time. Miguel could have handled the situation differently and should have considered that the father is the head in Latin families. Also, Miguel should not assume that he can be assertive and direct with all of his clients. There were no legal issues present in the case for Miguel. The consultation that the group suggested for Miguel was for him to be supervised during his sessions’ with a professional who can address the tasks that he needs to improve on working with clients who have different cultural backgrounds. If Miguel were to continue to be insensitive to the cultures’ …show more content…
Sylvia was an alcoholic because she often felt depressed. She realizes that drinking is destructive to her health, but did not feel that she could quit. Sylvia doubted her abilities as a mother, and believed her husband is ashamed of her. She obtained a problem of being self-defeating towards herself, which pushed her to drink. The ethical issues were suicide that comes from Sylvia perceiving that she is a failure to her friends and family. Sylvia was on a path of destroying herself. The legal issues that Sylvia were faced with due to her addiction were: drunk driving and abuse. The group agreed that Sylvia should seek profession help, discover new hobbies, make new friends, and use the strength of her family and friends to comfort her. The imminent consequences of Sylvia’s decisions if she were to continue would be death, emotional breakdown, depression, prison, or losing out on those that care about her. As a group, it was decided that the best option for Sylvia was to acknowledge he issue and seek help. It was also suggested that Sylvia gets involved with church, or

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