Why Does Race Matter Essay

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Does race matter? - This question holds an abundance of power with only three small words. My belief is that in our society today, yes race matters. However, I also believe that the word “race” has been greatly manipulated by our society. As humans, our brain categorizes using visual similarities between other humans. We see similar skin colors and group those individuals together based on this one characteristic. The problem with race in our society lays within the discrimination and broad generalizations that link people of the same skin color. This allows racism to impact people socially, economically, academically and culturally.
There are many examples that show the importance that our society puts on race. One of these is the headlines depicting the events in Ferguson this past year. The words “black” and “white” were never omitted from any of the articles. The actions that took place and the fact that a
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I believe that race matters when it is viewed a part of an individual’s ethnicity. We often use the words synonymously when they have two separate meanings. Race: is a group of people who share physical characteristics. Ethnicity: is a group of people that share cultural traits. I believe that when celebrating a person’s ethnicity it is important to also celebrate race. However, it is disrespectful to assume someone’s ethnicity based on their skin color. For example, one of my best friends is from Jamaica and has a dark skin color. I asked her if she would rather be called “black” or “African-American.” In her opinion she feels offended when people say she is African American because she is not. She is from Jamaica not Africa, therefore saying she is Jamaican American or Black is accurate. She is just one example of how our society continues to use skin color to group individuals. Society uses generalizations even though they might be false. Race matters because it is a part of people ethnic

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