Cross Cultural Communication : Cross Culture Communication Essay

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Student name: Fei Gao
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Cross-cultural communication

1. Introduction
Today’s global business environment has created a demand for cross-culture communication especially in a global business world. Cross-cultural communication is a crucial way to understand and communicate better with other nationalities, which is incredibly important because culture exists and on certain level people are not the same. When managers work with employees and clients from counties other than their own, they have to overcome a lot of problems such as linguistic barriers, culture conflicts, and different approaches to knowing and so on. All of these problems need to be solved via cross-cultural communication. I will illustrate with real case and some theories.

2. Barriers to effective cross-cultural communication
2.1 Language barries Language barries obveriously is the most common and maybe the most difficult part to deal with. This challenge is coming from international business settings. What speakers often don’t realize is not the other’s accent but their own ways of speaking, which creates the greated barries to effective communication. I have heard a real story from Pellegrino, a cross cultural expert with both English and Italian background. He likes going up to airline and talking in English or sometimes with an alien accent to see what kind of reaction he gets. When the plane is late, people go up and say, “Excuse me, it’s been 30 minutes late. I’m a punctual person,…

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