Critique Of An Instruction Aid Essay

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Cognitive Load Analysis

For this week’s assignment I have chosen to critique an instruction aid pertaining to burn victims. This instruction is a PowerPoint presentation I found off of the internet and is uploaded along side this paper. While the PowerPoint presentation was created back in 2012 the information is still relevant and used today. When a patient arrives in the hospital emergency room with burns the main priority for staff is to remove all clothing and jewelry from the patient while also assessing their airway or ability to breath and maintain oxygenation. During this initial assessment the providers (nurses and doctors) are also applying the rule of 9. The rule of 9 basically divides the body into sections with each divided section of the body representing 9% of the overall surface area. Then the staff will add all the burned surface areas together to establish a total body surface area (TBSA) of burns. Once the TBSA is established the staff will then plug that number into the Parkland Formula and compute how much fluid the patient is going to need in order to sustain life. Within the PowerPoint presentation the author, Peter Cottrell, does a fantastic job explaining this process within the first six slides. His layout flows and is logical for beginners, but also is logical for those who might just need a refresher. On slide two, Cottrell utilizes a graphic (to some viewers) picture of a patient who has suffered different levels of burns. While this picture…

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