Jazz Field Trip Essay

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while attending the jazz field trip I was thrilled to finally use the fire extinguisher and other equipment that we have been learning about in class. It was everything I expected and more going into the exercise I was confident and excited to display the techniques I learned first-hand during the simulation, it gave me great insight of how to conduct myself with confidence and professionalism within the situation of a fire on board the aircraft.
Identify and describe specifically how you operated the fire extinguisher. After noticing the fire, the first thing I did was call for backup, after pushing the Flight attendant call button to gain the attention and response of another flight attendant I used the P.A.S.S. method to extinguish the fire. I then pulled the pin out of the fire extinguisher allowing me to operate the extinguisher, before putting on the gloves because releasing the pin prior to putting on the gloves it make it easier when putting out the fire. After having both the pin pulled and the gloves on I got into my protective stance to fight the fire then quickly aimed the extinguisher at the base of the fire, squeezed the handle down to release the water and moved the extinguisher in a sweeping motion to put out the fire. whenever dealing with a fire onboard the aircraft, make sure you have constant visual of the fire and to never turn you back against the fire, as well even after the fire is
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I was quick to acknowledge the flames, and in a controlled manner extinguished them using the P.A.S.S method. A great deal of my success during the firefighting is a result from the knowledge of what we learned in class, without a deeper understanding of how to correctly operate the extinguisher and lean to fight a fire in the cabin I believe I wouldn’t have been as

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