Critically Ill Patients Should Be Legal Essay

1822 Words Oct 13th, 2014 8 Pages
The issue of whether critically ill patients should be permitted to seek the doctor’s assistance in removing their extreme sufferings by putting an end to their lives continues to be debated heatedly with the same intensity as it has always been done for the last several decades. In fact, the last few years have seen the debate getting more intensified because of enhanced perceptions about its significance in the American political scenario. So far, physician assisted death in America has mostly been prohibited legally through the introduction of statutory laws or through the application of detailed statutes. Nevertheless, attempts have always been made by different sections of society to change the laws through the adoption of different legal means. The constitutionality of the prevailing prohibitions on physician assisted death has been challenged over and over. Many believe that suicide should not be equated with the option to die when one is suffering from extreme hardships and sufferings and there appears to be no solution to end the same, primarily because the terminal disease has overcome the physiology of the patient. It is apparent under such circumstances that critically ill patients who can recognize that their lives have been destroyed by the illness, eventually consider death as the only means to get rid of the endless suffering that makes life meaningless. The public at large is considerably divided on the issue of whether physician assisted death should be…

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