Critical Thinking Exercise Dealing With Communication And Leadership And Management Strategies

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In this paper, we are to answer seven questions about the critical thinking exercise dealing with communication and leadership and management strategies. What is the problem?
The problem is the lack of communication of the need of the pathway. Nurse Witte was hand a project to come with a pathway for ventilator-dependent patients going home. Nurse Witte needs to place an agenda together for the meeting for the people she had invited. The committee should be multidisciplinary; this would decrease interprofessional conflicts (Huber, 2014). Whose problem is it?
It is everyone problem and most important people problem it is the patient. If the group does not evolve to be professional and forget their differences and egos; the patient will lose. I believe it is Nurse Witte‘s problem because she did not established a well-define committee roles for this project. Nurse Witte should use the defensive conflict mode to calm down the doctors who do not want to be involved in this committee. The conflict is disharmony due to the devaluing one’s belief or value (Hocking, 2006). This seen when the doctors say that they will not follow the pathway. What should Nurse Witte do?
The first thing Nurse Witte needs to do is find an ally in the doctors to help her with the pathway. She has to find the right…

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