Critical Review of Article a New Mandate for Human Resources Essay

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Article Summary and Critical Review

Human Resource Management

A New Mandate for Human Resources

By Dave Ulrich

1 Summary

In recent times HR has been perceived as ineffective, incompetent and costly. A need has been felt for creating a new role and agenda to focus on the outcomes and deliverables enrichinhg the organisations value to customers, investors and employees. The four ways which should be adopted by the HR are

← It should partener with the management in executing the strategy

← Develop an expertise in organizing and executing administrative work efficiently.

← Become a medium of transferring employes concerns to
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Intellectual Capital – The HR managers must focus on attracting, developing, and retaining individuals who can drive the global organization that is responsive to both its customers and the rapidly changing technological opportunities present.

Change – HR must develop the culture of discomfort with the status quo so thet it will detect the emerging trends quicker than its competitors and have an ability to take rapid decisions and be agile to seek new ways of doing business.

2 The new role of HR

Becoming a partner in Strategy execution – The HR managers should act as guides to the discussion on how the company should be organized to carry out its chosen strategy.

1. It should be responsible for defining an organisational architecture following a suitable model.

2. It should be accountable for conducting an organizational audit.

3. It should identify the methods to renovate the parts of the organizational architecture that need to be upgraded.

4. HR should clearly prioritise its work as per their impact and importance.

Becoming an Administrative Expert – HR must identify within its function the processes which can be done better, faster and cheaper and fix them accordingly. Improving efficiency will help build HR's credibility. The HR managers should rethink about activities throught the organization and thus prove

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