Critical Opinion On Critical Thinking Essay

702 Words Oct 15th, 2015 3 Pages
Humans are not born with the ability to think critically instead have to develop this skill as they mature. The word critical comes from the Greek word for ‘critic’ (kritikos), which means to question, to make sense of, and to be able to analyze. The best possible way to reach a defining solution or a solid conclusion is through critically thinking about the issue at hand. I personally believe that most of our beliefs have to be justified by critical thinking. Also analyzing all the evidence to and against in guiding ones decision is important to be an effective thinker and to make well-reasoned choices. We all strive for perfection, to get everything right, and to have something meaning full. There are few characteristics that make critical thinkers emerge from those who do not. Critical thinkers always try to be open minded where they actively listen and evaluate each perspective fairly. They also offer opinions based on solid facts and also acknowledge if they do not have sufficient knowledge on the specific subjects. Another important factor of critical thinking is to be an independent thinker. They are not afraid to disagree with any group decision and will not be pressured to making a decision with which they are not comfortable. Critical thinkers also think out of the box and come up with excellent reason to believe or with a solution that is out of the norm. Everybody thinks; however, most of the time it’s biased and often prejudiced. Critical thinking is…

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