Criminal Offenses And Criminal Crimes Essay

1844 Words Mar 30th, 2016 8 Pages
In the subsequent events involved in this case, there were multiple criminal offenses that appear to have been committed by the parties in question. I will identify all possible charges that could be brought up against the suspected parties and analyze if the evidence fulfills the essential elements for each crime. The parties facing potential charges are named Terry Vickorie (age 18), Steven Rogers (age 17), Andru Crowley (age 14), and : kidnapping, first degree murder, felony murder, obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury, bribery, conspiracy, solicitation, and attempt. This analysis will be broken up into two parts: crimes committed before and during William’s death, and crimes committed following his death. The search for any possible crime committed will follow the chronological order of events. The first possible charge that could be brought up is kidnapping. The offense of kidnapping is defined as the forceful abduction of another person and carrying them away against their will. To prove kidnapping, the two essential elements are the unlawful taking and the unconsensual asportation. The required force for the taking element can be substituted with intimidation or coercion. For the element of asportation, the carrying away of a person against their will, the movement must be independent of another crime. The asportation requirement is fulfilled when the movement is not incidental to another crime and increases the risk of harm to the victim. Do the boys’…

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