Crime Wave Reflection

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A) The element that stood out to me the most in Crime Wave by John Paizs was the contrast between the childish and innocent narration of the little girl, Kim, and the violence of the story she is telling. I also enjoyed the color of the film because it reminded me of Tom and Jerry especially, in the title parts with the red. The film itself is like a cartoon because of the storytelling style. There is a narration of the little girl and another narrator. The violence in the film is cartoon-like as well. For example, when the guy smashed his face into the pole or the floor. These violence reminded me of when Tom would always hurt himself. I feel like it is a little disturbing, but it was funny. I find it weird that so many people in my discussion …show more content…
I think the film successfully integrated information about film making because they were not too educational. Due to the comical style of the film, I feel like if there were more information or more details on how to use the Bolex camera, it would be out of place. Additionally, I also enjoyed the little film making facts and the fact that the film is about film making because we are film makers and it makes the film more personal and relatable. In my Intro to Film class, I am learning and using the Bolex and I feel like we are all Steven in many different ways. In my opinion, Steven is a passionate artist who ran out of ideas because I sympathize with that. I think the industry may also pressure artists to create unique tales and fabricate never before seen ideas. Therefore, this pressure, makes artists including myself feel like there are no where to go or just blank. This is clearly shown when Steven opens the fridge and just paused for a while. Moreover, I liked when Kim mentioned that Steven only writes the beginning and the end because when I come up with stories, sometimes I only know the beginning or just the end as well. So when the film has multiple endings or when Kim showed the audience multiple alternative endings to Color Crime, it feels like we are actually going through Steven’s thought process and how he needs to rethink parts of his film. The reason is, in real life, we need multiple drafts or alternatives to find what fits

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