Crime Scene Essay

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Within the next few minutes with the car moving on the narrow roads and the siren on they reached the crime scene. It was crowded, people were surrounding the house as some rock concert was going on.

They were not ready to move at any cost. Kadam had a lot of difficulty in managing the crowd and entering the scene with Pandey ji and few other constables following his lead.

He raced for the stairs and saw a man standing there. He asked, “ how many people are inside, any idea?”

“No Sir! Maybe two of them!” said the man

Kadam turned towards Pandey and said “ Pandey ji inko niche le jaiye aur control room se contact kar ambulance bulwa lijye aur han forensics wale bhi, aaj lagta hai inki jarurat pade”

“Thik hai Saab” replied Pandey.

Kadam took out his gun in one and a torch light in the other. The gate was locked from inside. So he asked one of the constables to break it open. Once he
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They were from the forensics team of Delhi police.

Kadam then briefed them about the day, what he saw, what happened and everything.
As soon as he completed, everyone raced up to see the crime scene.

“Suddenly we see a lot of rush in the Police activity. The top officials have come few moments ago, and now we see another police van coming around. Its the forensic team of Delhi police. So we see a lot blood has been spilled on one day, still we have no clue about the killer”.

This is Zoya khan, bringing you the live feed about the city for the XXX news.

Not far from there, someone was watching this news. While tending his wounds he was murmuring

“Truth may triumph, but lies remains,
They become legends, which people forget.
Lies, is what remains when truth is gone.
Truth may shine bright as the sun, but it turns into darkness, when lies are sung”.

As it finished the room filled with a strange laughter, echoing through the darkness.

Finally, it has

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