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INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINOLOGY Criminology 100 Sociology 233 Fall 2012

Professor: Freda Adler, Ph.D. Research Assistants:
University of Pennsylvania Walter Campbell
Department of Criminology Ryan Gale
483 McNeil Building Marissa Mandala
3718 Locust Walk Telephone: 215-746-3620

Office Hours:

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Excellent performance depends on your ability to integrate class discussions, reading assignments and material presented by guest lecturers. Questions and Change of Grades: Teaching assistants will compute all grades for the class. Please address all grading questions to the teaching assistants. With the exception of clerical and/or coding errors, there will be no change of grades made after final grade sheets are delivered to the University Registrar.


What is (or should be) the relationship between criminology and the making of public policy?
What is the relationship between crime control approaches in any given era and the scientific and social environment? Chapter 1: The Reach of Criminology
How has the “global” nature of the crime problem changed the challenge of understanding and preventing crime?
What are the major criminal justice challenges?
What is the relationship between crime and deviance.

Chapter 2: Counting Crime
What are the common legal elements of all crimes? What is the importance of career criminal research to public policy? When and why did females join males as subjects of criminological research?

Chapter 3: Schools of Thought
Classicists contend that crimes should only be measured by the injury done to society. How does this orientation relate to crime causation, treatment of offenders and utility of punishment? Contrast positivist and classicist arguments on the

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