Credit Card Advertisement Analysis Essay

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Erica has a rough day. She spills coffee on the keyboard, steps on chewing gun, gets a parking ticket, and she also get a mail because of forgetting to pay credit card bill while she is boxing. The good thing is that she is using the Citi Bank Simplicity card. It also says it is the only card that users don’t need to pay annual fee, late fee, and penalty rate.
The intended audiences for this advertisement are people who might have same problems as Erica. By giving these new services, the commercial can persuade the audiences to change their credit cards. I believe that there must be a lot of people forget to pay their credit card bill, so the audiences will be interested to the commercial and the card that doesn’t need to pay late fee or other payment. As a credit card advertisement, it is very successful because it is certainly attracts people’s attention by making connection to Erica, symbolizing the life’s pressure, and repeating the significant information, which means this advertisement through a skillful uses of pathos,
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It uses “ever” and “never” two times to make a repetition. This method has an affection that can emphasize the most important part of the ad. Thus, it can enhance audiences’ memories on the Citi Bank Simplicity card has no late fee and penalty rate. In addition, “never ever” is a powerful exaggerate term. Repeating an exaggeration can easily attract audiences’ attention because people won’t believe it so easily. Citi Bank’s simplicity card is different to other banks’ credit card, so audiences will contact the bank for more information. But still, there is a problem by repeating exaggeration. Some audience who are more carefully won’t accept this kind of exaggeration. No late fee or penalty rate is totally no benefit to the bank, so the Citi Bank must extract addition fee from the users. If there is an explanation that talk about no extra fee, the commercial will become more

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